Making dyes fashionably ethical

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Manya Cherabuddi uses natural waste by extracting their colours to form eco-friendly dyes.

Giving life to the dying art of creating natural dyes is Manya Cherabuddi. Having started creating natural colours months ago, the dye maker wanted to find a way to reuse plant waste which led to her using their colours in the form of cloth dye. “I would try and make things out of natural objects, but it wasn’t until I saw natural dyeing that I could see it being used meaningfully.

Dyeing to me was more impactful than making a painting as people can use it in their daily life and it makes a difference,” says Manya. “Beyond that, around 8,000 chemicals go into making the regular garments in the textile industry. So, the process of natural dyeing saves the environment to a greater extent while also making use of the natural products,” she adds.

Manya extracts colours from used flowers and vegetable wastes that include onion peel, carrot peel, leftovers of spinach, avocado stones, etc. Explaining the process of natural dyeing, Manya says, “Any natural material that you see around is a source of colour. However, the depth of the colour and how long it lasts depends on how you extract it.

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