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Natural Plant Based Colourants

Colours are an important in our daily life as they offer us the impression of fruits, foods, fabric and even medicines; and influence people’s choice. Colorant can be categorized into three types which are natural, synthetic and inorganic colours. The natural colours are naturally provided by living organisms such as plants, animals and microorganisms.

 Colorants are widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and textile industry to improve customer perception and acceptability. The hazardous effects and legislation of synthetic dyes minimize its applications thus the search for natural pigments is in trend. Plant natural pigments are widely used as alternative not only because of their high availability as colouring agent, but also they exhibits abundance of health-promoting values such as antioxidant and antimicrobial activity which favour human beings.

Drawbacks of natural pigments including its stability and cost hindered its popularity in industry but the emerging of modern technologies is expected to overcome this problems. This web site focuses on the natural colorant from plants source, production technologies and their implication in wellness industry; i.e. food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

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Colour Grown Dyes & Colourants

Making dyes fashionably ethical

Manya Cherabuddi uses natural waste by extracting their colours to form eco-friendly dyes. Having started creating natural colours months ago, the dye maker wanted to find a way to reuse plant waste which led to her using their colours in the form of cloth dye.

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